Monday, December 13, 2010

Do you know about e-mail delegation? Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what it is all about? – Not many people do.. But you may have multiple Gmail accounts. How can you open them in one browser?

Email delegation is a feature, enabled by Google. It will allow you to easily manage numerous accounts without signing in and out of those Gmail and switching accounts manually.
Originally, e-mail delegation was useful for granting others access to your primary Gmail account — personal assistants, for example.
Now, this feature is going to be more useful for any Gmail user with their multiple accounts. When you sign into your primary Gmail account, you can choose to grant access to another account. Just navigate to your Gmail settings by clicking the link in the top right corner of Gmail’s web interface.
Under the Accounts tab, there’s now a new section entitled, “Grant access to your account.” Here, you can add any other Gmail accounts you control to your primary Gmail account.
When you add an account, you’ll have to accept access from a verification e-mail sent to the to-be-added account. Once the account is successfully added, you can simply toggle between your Gmail accounts without logging in and out.
Also, when you send a new e-mail message while signed into a secondary account, your primary address will also appear in the e-mail details.


  1. I'm not sure that there's anybody that i like enough to enable access to my email. Or maybe there's nobody that I hate enough to subject them to it...

  2. Although it sound quite good for end-users who have multiple accounts; but how many people have multiple email accounts on Gmail itself?

  3. There are many people who use several Gmail accounts for their own. Besides, most of the companies prefer Google Apps while creating their email setup.

  4. You know! There is another limitation! Only 3 accounts you can access at a time. I think the limit of 3 is absolutely arbitrary.

  5. Hope for more… if you have more accounts..

  6. Hello Leena, r u promoting Gmail feature?

  7. If I want to access both Gmail and Yahoo mail?????

  8. Dear Devmit,

    Nopes.. just exploring at all...

    Meebo is good for your need.